Sabina Mexicanna

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of money you generate in Sabina Mexicanna is directly proportional to the type of shares you obtain. For example, Class C shares have a higher dividend percentage (0.23%) given that their value is higher ($ 100,000 USD). Doing a practical exercise if you invest 10 thousand dollars for every 100 million income (we estimate to receive 121 million dollars) you will receive annually 18 thousand dollars of dividend of the utility. Additionally, there is the possibility that the shares purchased at a certain value increase and even multiply their value by 10 together with the company's value over time.
Investors who decide to purchase preferred Series III shares for sale in this limited offer will have the opportunity to generate long-term passive income in the fifth year that the Sabina Mexicanna operation begins. According to the share class that each investor purchases, it will have an annual dividend percentage of the company's profit, since the higher the value of the share acquired, the higher the percentage of earnings per share.
Passive income related to the revaluation of the shares in the market or the increase in the value of the company could happen during the first year of the start of the operation. The dividend income of the annual profit may be received from the fifth year of operation of the company and the production plant.
There are several ways in which we can provide you with certainty / security in the transparent administration of your investment, such as:
  1. Audited financial statements and monthly bank statements, including the update that will reflect your investment;
  2. Public records in the Public Registry of Commerce, proving that the Company is duly constituted, having notarized and registered documentation such as:
    1. Corporate Bylaws of the Company including its corporate purpose necessary to carry out business related to cannabis.
    2. Official confirmation of the Board of Directors;
    3. Powers of attorney granted to said members sufficient to sign contracts of sale of shares and subscriptions;
    4. Shareholders' Meeting that approves the issue, subscription and sale of Class III Preferred Shares.
    5. Subscription Agreement to be signed in the purchase sale of Series III shares.
  3. As a shareholder, you can access our website and find your Share Title and the Subscription Agreement duly signed, stamped and notarized.
  4. Real-time inverter monitoring. Sabina will provide you with a username and password to log in and enter the information.
  5. Refund policy in case you want to withdraw the investment before the start of the operation.
  6. After the start date of the operation, in case you want to withdraw your investment, we will support you to place your investment among our shareholders.
  7. We are registered in government institutions (IMSS, Foreign Investment Registry, and Ministry of Economy.) You can check these files in our online documentation section.
There is a possibility that you can pass your actions to someone else with a simple administrative process. You can even divide your actions among beneficiaries in case you want to leave a legacy to your family.
We are planning to develop the biggest industrial complex in the region for the cannabis extracts of CBD (legal cannabis) production. The main plant will have 20 hectares, with a gross capacity of approximately 16,000 kilograms of raw material the first year of harvest with an estimated value of $121 millon dollars.
Yes you can. However, if at the moment you decide to withdraw your investment, the amount to be capitalized has not been completed, you will be charged a penalty of 10% on your initial investment plus the amount corresponding to administrative expenses. If Sabina Mexicanna for some reason fails to capitalize the total amount of 20 million in the time determined by our team, a total refund of your investment will be made.
Should you wish to resell your shares at any time, you may contact our finance team so that we can support you in relocating your investment among some of our shareholders or announcing them to new investors.
The money will be collected safely in the account of our Investment Promotion Company. From here the funds will be kept by the banking institution until the moment when the operation starts. Each member will receive a detailed report of the projection of expenses and the cash flow via email and through the Real Time Investment Monitoring System (RTIMS) by its acronym in English of Sabina Mexicanna.
The taxes generated by utilities will be paid at all times in Mexico in national currency.
The money generated will be deposited in the investor's personal account in the Mexican Republic. If the investor wishes to make inter-bank movements, the investor must coordinate it with their corresponding banking institution.
Yes, thanks to international banking technologies you can have access to your money wherever you are, making payments, having your cash through ATM networks and even through interbank transfers according to the policies of your banking institution.
1. Fill out and sign LOI (Determine the class and number of shares in which you wish to invest.), Confidentiality Agreement and Investor Accreditation Questionnaire.
2. Submission of documentation for the preparation of the contract by the investor (identification documents).
3. Submission and signing of the subscription contract.
4. Payment made via international bank transfer.
5. Confirmation of payment through receipt of a copy of the bank deposit.
6. Issuance of shareholding.
7. Registration and assignment of user and password of investor in investment monitoring system in real time.
8. Sending certificate, stock title.
9. Official welcome to Sabina Mexicanna.
It is a letter of intent, an unofficial agreement of interest in the purchase of our shares between you and Sabina Mexicanna to buy shares. Once the conditions have been signed and agreed, the formal contract for the acquisition of shares will be signed. This purchase of shares is a one-time event. No recurring charges will be made.
By investing in Sabina Mexicanna you are acquiring one or more shares of the company as well as a series of rights and duties as part of the investor panel.
The minimum investment is one share valued at $ 10,000. The biggest investment benefits start at $ 50,000, so be sure to check with your broker for the best option that suits your interests.
From the initial offer of preferred shares of Series III derive the following classes: Series C with a value of 100 thousand dollars (0.23% Dividend on annual profits), Series D 50 thousand dollars (0.10% Dividend on annual profits), Series E with a value of 20 thousand dollars (0.038% Dividend on annual profits), Series F with a value of 10 thousand (0.018% Dividend on annual profits).
After the deposit or international bank transfer is made and confirmed, the official share certificates will be issued and sent to the investor through private correspondence. We will also keep you updated through email, social networks and the real-time investment monitoring platform with important updates throughout the development of the project, so be sure to stay connected.
Early investment in Sabina Mexicanna stock is a long-term business. However, we have a revenue projection of more than 110 million dollars per year from the year 2022, from which a dividend of the annual profit will be assigned to each investor according to the type of shares acquired.
The opportunity for early investment in the cannabis industry in Mexico exclusively through Sabina Mexicanna will allow the explosive growth of your investment up to 10 times in a time of 5 years approximately. The revaluation of the acquired shares is an advantage that only those who take advantage of the moment just before the market begins its imminent development.
Bank transfer or international bank deposit.
No, there are no additional fees.
We do not yet have an established closing date for our initial offer for early investors with Series III shares. The offer may be extended until July 31, 2020, at our sole discretion. However, if all 900 shares are sold before July 31, 2020, then the Offer will end on the date the final share is sold.
We are offering 40% of the company's shares, a total of 900 Series III preferred shares for $20,000,000 at a minimum offer price of $10,000 per share (class F) and a maximum of $100,000 per share (class C).
In case of showing an interest in the Sabina Mexicanna project we have developed a mechanism in which you can make contributions to capital according to the type of action you wish to acquire. In this way you can make payments in installments at a certain time before the closing date of sales.
The funds of this offer are being used for ongoing corporate operations, growth and expansion. In the first instance, the investment will be exclusively dedicated to the development of the project of the cannabis production plant in Mexico, its equipment and operation. For more information about the future project, visit our "Project" section on the website to get more details about our projections.
Your money and, in general, all the capital raised through the allocation of shares will be invested in accordance with the following projected expenses: ● 41% Expenditures on engineering, architecture and construction for the production plant, including sowing fields, greenhouses and industrialization facilities. ● 9% Acquisition of the property on which the Industrial Plant will be built ● 19% Technological equipment and supplies for extraction center. ● 3% Health, research and exploitation permits. Including the legal costs of filing applications, fees, duties and taxes. ● 13% Transportation and distribution costs, including vehicle acquisitions and planning strategies. ● 5% marketing and sales costs, including brand branding and global presence. ● 10% skilled labor.
Basic investment Concepts
At Sabina Mexicana we offer a unique investment opportunity at the right time, which explains our decision to anticipate the takeoff of the cannabis business in Mexico before it is fully regulated. With this timely determination, we are in an excellent position to offer you a prior offer and a unique opportunity to invest in the exact moment in which the current market allows investment in thousands, in what experts generally agree that it becomes a multimillion dollar market. . We project ourselves as the first and largest agroindustrial complex in the North American region with the capacity to satisfy the demand of the main world markets, such as the United States and Canada, with the most competitive production costs (75% less in the hands of work).
No, our offer is also open to international investors.
Any natural person, cannabis enthusiasts and experienced investors, are eligible to buy shares. However, any potential investor must pass the internal admission process of Sabina Mexicanna.
All information shared with Sabina Mexicanna will be handled in a confidential manner in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.
For any question about our offer, please contact us at, or call us at +1 (888) 334 1604. You can also send us a message through our website form.
It is an online platform developed by our team, which every investor will have access to and in which they will be able to see the evolution of the project's investment at all times.
Our headquarters are located in Mexico City, one of the most dynamic capitals of the Latin American business environment.
You can check our website: or find us through our social networks.